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June 2012

Euro Cup 2012

Jun 10, 2012 11:52 AM
Peter Guy

The Euro Cup is an exciting time for soccer/football fans. Soccer is a very good sport for keeping young people active.  Unfortunately, with all the running that occurs during a game, injuries can occur to the foot and lower leg. The list of injuries include: knee cap pain; ankle sprains; shin splints; heel pain; arch pain and forefoot pain.  Some of these injuries are caused due to an underlying structural problem that puts stress on the supporting soft tissue structures such as muscle, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules.

If your child is suffering from any foot or lower leg problem we can evaluate your child's running style.  We can record your child running on a treadmill which allows us to observe if there are any structural problems causing the foot or lower leg compalint via Pedigait slow motion analysis.   Enjoy the Euro Cup during the month of June and we hope your favourite Euro Cup team is victorious.



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