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August 2012

The Mexican upset win over Brazil and congratulations to the Canadian women's soccer team.

Aug 11, 2012 12:09 PM
Peter Guy

This morning I have been watching the 2012 Olympic men’s soccer/football finals. It has been an excellent game between Mexico and Brazil. You can hear the Samba beat in the stands at Wembly Stadium. I have been impressed with the speed of the players. I know from treating soccer player in my practice that some of these players are participating with some type of foot injury. Plantar fasciitis, hallux limitus, bunions and ankle sprains are some of the most common foot injuries that occur while playing. Women soccer players’ tend to develop patellofemoral syndrome if their feet are flat or if the Q angle is large. I am sure the therapists and trainers involved in the Olympic soccer tournament have minimized these foot injuries. If you have any of these foot injuries as a result of playing recreational sports or due the repetitive nature of your job you should not delay getting treatment for these injuries. Congratulations to the Canadian Olympic Women’s soccer team for their bronze medal and to the Mexican Olympic Men’s soccer team for their gold medal.



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