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February 2012

What is the benefit of custom foot orthotics?

Feb 28, 2012 12:20 AM
Peter Guy

Many of the foot problems that I treat in my offices in Whitby and Peterborough are due to faulty foot and lower leg posture.
In other words, when the bones in your foot are not aligned properly it causes you to over compensate when walking or running that can lead to various foot conditions including:
- Achilles tendon problems
- Bunions
- Flat feet
- Heel spurs
- Plantar fasciitis

These foot faults can also cause functional malalignment in the knee, hip and back leading to soft tissue stress and pain.
The simplest and most effective way to correct faulty biomechanics is with a custom foot orthotic. Just as prescription eyeglasses correct your vision, a custom foot orthotic is an insert that fits into your shoes.
The prescription features for your foot orthotic are formulated from your specific complaint, your physical examination findings and your pattern of walking. Your foot orthotic is molded from a 3 dimensional plaster cast or scan of your foot. The molded shell is modified to include the specific prescription features that will address your complaint. The goal of orthotic therapy is to stabilize your foot posture by reducing the stresses on the bones, ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles and allowing the foot to propel the body forward without collapsing.
Many of our patients not only receive relief from their foot pain, but also gain relief from their knee, hip and back pain. If you are suffering from foot and lower extremity pain you owe it to yourself to get an evaluation to see if you would benefit from prescription custom foot orthotics.



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